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Time to Start Focusing On Myself Again

Time to Start Focusing On Myself Again

I am sure we all have those days. Those days where you get out of the shower and look in the mirror and go oh no look at this, look at that, I don’t like that etc. Those days where we try on about 25 shirts before we realize we arn’t going to like any and just throw on the baggiest one.

I recently have been having much more negative days than positive ones. It is time to stop whining and making excuses. Time to stop saying I’m going to do something only to give up a week later.

I am more determined than ever to love myself! To get back that awesome feeling after a workout you didn’t want to do where you just feel so proud and good about yourself. That feeling when you make the healthy food choice. That feeling when you look in the mirror and say well its not perfect but who is at least I am trying and feeling better about myself.

As much as social media is full of negative trolls and accounts that make you hate yourself. There are amazing accounts who promote loving yourself and your awesome body for everything it is. So I say delete the hate and follow and soak in all the love!

I am currently 5’4 and 235lbs. I have a three year old boy, one stillbirth boy 2015, and my newest little baby girl 5 months old.

My husband and I have decided that our family is complete. We are so over the top happy with our two crazy kids and each other. Pregnancy was not easy for us particularly the births. We have three children and I almost lost my life all three times. So as much as we wanted a big family we are very grateful for what we have and are not going to push our luck any further.

Now I am not one of those people who believes the number on the scale is the most important thing. I believe how you feel about yourself and how you fit in clothes is a larger reward than a number on the scale. As you can see in many people stories they lose lots of weight and then when they begin gaining muscle the number goes up but they look and feel more and more amazing. However I am going to be recording my weight as its always fun to track any and all progress. The scale and the non scale victories!

My goal is as follows. I want to go for a 30 minute walk/run every day! I want to learn how to run I always have. I will start out majority walking with intermittent running and slowly build myself up. I love to be outside and have no desire to go to the gym at this time. I am home all day with both my children and like to spend the evenings as a family snuggling up cooking dinners and playing lots of games till be all pass out from exhaustion.

I have also signed up for the Kayla Itsines BBG Sweat App. They are 28 minute workouts you can do from anywhere (so again no excuse), equipment or no equipment. You can do it! I have completed day one beginner and it was HARD! I was drenched in sweat, struggling to breath, but I felt amazing after!

I am going to blog my progress mostly for myself to keep track of everything and journal my journey. I feel like it will help me keep going. It will also be fun to look back on whenever I feel I am struggling or making zero progress.

To my future self reading this blog remember how you are feeling right now. So motivated, So ready, So determined to keep up with your kids and husband, to not shy away from photos and memories and activities. This isn’t only for you it is for them. So they can see a mom who loves life, who is up for anything, who isn’t constantly criticizing herself and obsessing over weight and food. This is about loving life and loving yourself and all the amazing moments with your family!

Lets Do It!

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